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How to Root AT&T/Verizon Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge! [PingPong ROOT] - Page 2


If you get “Installed blocked” messages, simply hit “Settings”.


Then hit “Unknown sources”.


Then hit “OK”.


Step 4. Press on “Install” to install the actual PingPong Root app.


Step 5. Press “Open” to run the app.


If you get a screen like below, choose “Package installer” and hit “Just Once” or “Always”.




If you get “Install blocked”, hit “Settings”.


Then enable “Unknown sources” and hit “OK”.


Step 6. Press on “Install” to install the SuperSU app.


Step 7. Open the SuperSU app by hitting “Open”.


Step 8. You should get a message that there’s no SU binaries installed, just hit “OK”.


Step 9. Now hit “Get root!” in the PingPong Root app to start the rooting process.  If you get an error that your phone is not supported, try hitting “Download Data” then hit the “Get root!” button.


Step 10. If rooting has been done successfully, you will get the following message:


Simply reboot your phone and your S6 or S6 Edge should be fully rooted with SuperSU app! (You can also update your SuperSU app to the latest version by updating on the Play Store.)

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