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How to Root Galaxy S6/S6 Edge on Android 5.1.1!


For those of you who want to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, you will want to follow a different root method as Google has changed how rooting works with newer Android 5.1.1.  Due to Android 5.1.1 changes, you can no longer root your S6 or S6 Edge without causing it to soft-brick.  But there’s a work-around, this goes back to the days of older Android ICS and Gingerbread where we flash a modified kernel to make root possible.  It’s unfortunate that the newer Android 5.1.1 makes rooting more complex but it is still doable with a custom kernel.

This root method supports the following S6 & S6 Edge models:

  • SM-G920F, SM-G920I, Korean SM-G920S/SM-G920K/SM-G920L, T-Mobile SM-G920T, Sprint SM-G920P, US Cellular SM-G920R4, Canadian SM-G920W8
  • SM-G925F, SM-G925I, Korean SM-G925S/SM-G925K/SM-G925L, T-Mobile SM-G925T, Sprint SM-G925P, Canadian SM-G925W8

AT&T SM-G920A and Verizon SM-G920V have LOCKED BOOTLOADERS meaning they cannot use this root method!!!  We highly recommend to switch carriers for rooting and custom ROMs.

Step 1. First, go to Settings->About device on your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and verify you have Android version 5.1.1 and make a note of the model number.  If you have Android 5.0.1 or 5.0.2, please follow our original root guide here instead!

170 Responses

  1. STEPHEN says:

    My S5 with firmware 5.1.1 does not have the OEM UNLOCK ING option, what now?

  2. Vinny says:

    Hi Max. Going to root my S6 tomorrow. Reading few days ago on XDA, some people were loosing their hearing on calls and also fingerprint scanning. Is this an issue? Thanks for a great video, well done and easy to follow.

  3. STEPHEN says:

    I don’t Know how I made that typo, I actually meant to say I do not have the OEM Unlock option on my S6 G920F, help.

  4. Bob says:

    My SM-G920F does not show the OEM UNLOCK ING option either!

    • Bob says:

      I went and tried to flash the root kernel file anyway, and it took! On boot it shows the “Kernel is not SEADNDROID enforcing”, but the SuperSU app showed up and when I run a root checker – it says it is root is properly installed!

  5. Joey says:

    mine is rooting right now, but its taking way longer than 5 seconds! what do i do?

  6. Nijoo says:

    Can I root using this method my Galaxy s6 G920FD? Will dual function work after rooting?

  7. nathan says:

    didn’t work. not sure what must be wrong with my phone but NO root methods at all are working.

  8. Andrew says:

    max ever since i rooted i keep on getting a t-mobile promt notification pop up idk what i did wrong

    • Lor says:

      If you have titanium backup, search for something along the lines of “com.t-mobile…par…” and either freeze it or delete it. It is a feature coming from the T-Mobile Account app that comes pre-installed on our devices – it attempts to gain access from SU to detect root. I hope that helps!

  9. beth says:

    Worked perfectly on my SM-G920F. Thank you!!!

  10. Aad says:

    Tapped the build number, have developer options but NO OEM Unlocking show on my SM-G925L. How to proceed?

    • Aad says:

      Hi guys, did any had the same problem? The OEM Unlocking option does not appear on my SM-G925L.
      Is it safe to flash this tar file if this option can not be turned on?
      Would appreciate some feed back if any experience is available.

  11. Jacques says:

    I have G920F with 5.1.1 BGOB firmware. I only want to root because i have whatsapp as systemapp. Will this work on this variant AND will it trip KNOX counter?

  12. Rick says:

    Hey dude I did your methods and everything went nice but now I am getting the Security notice, Unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart your phone to undo any unauthorized changes. Cancel Restart you have any suggestions let me know thanks in advance

  13. Aad says:


    EOM Unlocking option is neither available on my SM-G925L, neither on my SM-G925F models under developer options.

  14. Anwar says:

    I dont have OEM button and when i try to flash IT DOESNT GET PASSED THIS:

    Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    File analysis..

  15. Tom Berg says:

    I cant get into private mode. just displays “cant activate private mode. Try again” Anyone with a solution?

  16. Rockerz says:

    Failed to enable private mode after rooting of my s6 edge (sm-G925I) PLZ HELP

  17. Kaleb says:

    So I tried to root my phone but did’nt use this method. I used the previous method and now my phone is stuck in a loop. It wont turn off and says (in red) RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING. What do I do now?

  18. zyzoo says:

    Failed to enable private mode after rooting of my s6 edge (sm-G925I) PLZ HELP

  19. Ronny says:

    EOM Unlocking option is neither available on my SM-G925F 5.1.1…………..who helps me ?

  20. Abhishek says:

    Team, I am currently using S6 – SM-G920I on LP 5.1.1 .. non rooted & wish to root this one .. Downloaded the Unibase & Unikernel & ready with the ODIN to flash .. however, have few queries.
    a. Considering Private Mode not working + Msg in RED during boot is something which can’t be helped. Please confirm ?
    b. Once I use Unibase Kernel, I can repatch the Stock kernel anytime without loss of data. Please confirm ?
    c. Are there any deep sleep issues with the Unibase Kernel ? Please confirm ?

    Request these as I did a mot of things to root it when I was on 5.0.2 but nothing gave me a good deep sleep & I had to revert to Stock .. As people are still waiting for CF Auto Root which allows you to get Root on everything stock ..

  21. Kent says:

    I think I will hold off on rooting my SM-925F with LP 5.1.1 until the “No OEM Unlocking” issue is sorted out.

  22. Abdul Hafeez Malik says:

    As I think, OEM Unlocking issue is related to reactivation lock. If someone have bypass reactivation lock it will result to disable OEM Unlocking option until the account associated to that specific device isn’t properly removed.

  23. Rayc says:

    Is there a fix for the private mode issue

    • James says:

      Yes however I needed to flash a different ROM. I’m presently using ALex’s Personal Rom which is found at XDA. He also has a link which fixes Personal Mode. Just do a search for the ROM and you will find the Personal Mode.

  24. Hi Max,

    First of all, GREAT post! Now, my question is: what about the languages once I have rooted my S6? Is “Spanish” available? Sorry for this “dumb” question 🙁

    Thanks a lot!

  25. S6Lover says:

    Yep I have same problem I can get into developer mode but no option for OEM unlock, not game to try until someone can say it will work. I use AR Liberator and it is bad enough my MHL cable doesn’t work, now I have an apps radio that is just the radio part.

  26. James says:

    For everyone crying about the fact they don’t have the option to enable OEM… If you don’t have that option then skip to the next step.. Its not needed as Max has stated in a previous post… You people need to read more! Personally.. I didnt have the OEM option and this worked. Yes I have red writing at boot and yes KNOX is tripped and yes privacy mode is gone… Probobly Knox related. With that said… Who gives a shit abt red writing which has is seen for a half second. Privacy mode.. Dont care for it.. Plenty of apps in the PS to chose or stop letting your girlfriends on your phones. Successful on my Samsung Edge G925F

  27. Eugene says:

    i have a samsung galaxy s6 edge plus and i am unable to root because none of the kernels match, mines a G9280

  28. William Tavares says:

    I just rooted with this method it all worked great as far as not I do have root rights, but one big issue is that I keep getting a security notification that wants me to restart my phone:

    “(Title) Security Notice” “Unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart your phone to undo any unauthorized changes.”

  29. alan says:

    Does this really work?!? Seems like people are either having problems during the install (Not following steps) or after the install problems like lost of hearing during calls and also the finger scanning feature.

  30. Joe says:

    Does anybody know if this works with SM-G928T?

    • James says:

      Another genius…

      “This root method supports the following S6 & S6 Edge models:

      SM-G920F, SM-G920I, Korean SM-G920S/SM-G920K/SM-G920L, T-Mobile SM-G920T, Sprint SM-G920P, US Cellular SM-G920R4, Canadian SM-G920W8
      SM-G925F, SM-G925I, Korean SM-G925S/SM-G925K/SM-G925L, T-Mobile SM-G925T, Sprint SM-G925P, Canadian SM-G925W8”

  31. JONATHAN says:


  32. zikran says:

    my s6 OEM unlocking not appear

  33. panda says:

    Just rooted my galaxy s6 baught in sweden. SM-G920F , i dont have the oem unlock thingy either..but i followed exakt steps on this site and it worked very fast, no issues so long.

    thanks allot

  34. joseph says:

    For all of those asking about OEM feature not showing up, just skip the step it doesnt affect anything. I have s6 edge G925F and did everything this website said and the root successfully installed with no problems at all. Everything works perfectly. Thanks so much for this

  35. Caleb says:

    Does anyone know how to enable hotspot after 5.1.1 root? Not working right out of the box. Also, privacy mode is not working, oh well. I remember there being a 3rd party app that allowed me to turn on hotspot in the last root, but I forgot its name. Thanks for the help.

  36. sheila says:

    ive downloaded odin3 but its giving me error of

  37. Craig says:

    DO NOT DO. International SM-925F is now totally bricked. From the “Downloading…” screen, I can tell Xnox counter is tripped. I did all instructions exactly as written. Right now, bootloop with “KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING” error.

  38. Sam says:

    Do you ever think there will be a root available for Verizon? Sucks I can root my phone cuz of carrier

  39. Sam says:

    Do you ever think there will be a root available for Verizon? Sucks I can root my phone cuz of carrier.

  40. omar hashem says:

    i have a galasy s6 edge sm-g925F , but when developer mode is ON i dont have the OEM unlocking what i should do?

  41. Juvenis says:

    Does this root still work? I have a tmobile S6 that was blacklisted. I wanted to root it to carrier unlock.

  42. Juzz#25 says:

    EOM unlocking is located locked screen and security (G920F), just found it.

  43. Sun says:

    what about china duo sim sm-g9200, is there a root kernel availiable??

  44. Ace Yang says:

    Hello Max,
    I’ve rooted my Galaxy S6 Edge properly through this method, but I came across a problem when I had to factory reset my phone. After I had factory reset my phone, and restarted it, it was locked out. It said Custom Binary(BOOT) Block by FRP Lock. How would I go about unbricking my phone?

  45. mic says:

    hello. ive done all the process and everything went well, except that i cant see the superSU icon after my phone reboots

  46. petrut says:

    Hello i do have a problem when i try to flash twrp evry time i end in a boot loop even if i flash whit flasify or odin. And i need to flash again android to use it . Pls help me .
    my phone is sm 925 f i’m using andorid 5.1.1
    rooted whit unikernel and phone code is zeroltexx. Thx for those who can help me.

  47. Conundrum2501 says:

    Sweet! this worked. Rooting a SM-G920P for a customer. Hit a little snag when Odin got stuck on Setup Connection……. But i got lucky and a reboot cleared it up. One other thing. not sure if it made any difference but it didn’t work until i got lazy and stopped running Odin as Admin. Anyway huge thanks Max Lee.

  48. shahrad says:

    I did all of the steps but superus is not in my app drawer also my device is not rooted!!
    i can,t find CEM in my developer option.
    It only took 1 second and said passed i removed usb cable but there was,t supersu
    I have s6 edge with android 5.1.1
    thank you very much!

  49. WhaleSac says:

    Worked like a charm on sm-g920p wooooo thanks

  50. soll says:

    hi guys my s6 edge disabled from EE UK any solution for to use phone again model is sm925f

  51. Ben says:


    Did root for sprint 5.1.1 g920P now my screen is not working at all, however when doing everything as prescribed on the internet it stated that it was completed correctly!

  52. Centrac says:

    Un grand merci, cela fonctione TIP-TOP 🙂 🙂 Merci beaucoup

  53. Lumpy says:

    Max does this method work with the s6 edge plus sm-g928t? And if not do you have a link to where i can root it?

  54. charles ansong says:

    when i root it, i get secure download: Enabled. for some reason i cant get pass the boot.img. could it be that its say secure download. if thats the reason how can i bypass it ?

  55. charles ansong says:

    Cant go beyond boot.img

  56. angel says:

    having trouble with my s6 edge…i was able to flash the custon kernel to my phone but didnt get rooted..what else do i need to do?

  57. Raquel says:

    Will this trip Knox?

  58. Kenneth says:

    I have question if I want to unroot how’s? I cannot flash stock firmware keep say fail.

  59. N8IVEWARE says:

    I’m on the sm-g920i. gci carrier. I’m unsure about this phone. seems that it’s a custom firmware. Knox is already voided upon getting the phone. anyone know if this process of rooting my phone is safe?

  60. Jaz says:

    Works Great Thanks. 🙂

  61. Adrian Bravo says:

    Works Great in T1 Ver thanks

  62. Steve says:

    after get this root unlock my phone dont want to boot, it is stock on screen t-mobile and nothing. i tryed to reboot again, i tryed all buttons alredy, nothing. just power-home-voldwn works to go to boot screen and thats it.
    How I can recover back my phone, any ideas?

  63. Wim says:

    I’am on the SM-G925F Can I use this way of rooting also. The Android version is 5.1.1.

    Any help will be appriciated.

  64. devon says:

    i have a sm-928t and wasnt paying attention and use the kernal for the 925t and my phone is stuck what can i do

  65. meto30L7 says:

    Hi girls and boys, PLEASE DO NOT ROOT IF YOU USE A VR GEAR!!!! I waisted 18 hours including my saturday night to root and play with GooglCardBoard games. My model 1&1 German Samsung Galaxy S6 – SM-G920F, yes as described you can root and it will work, nevertheless your VR Gear will NOT WORK! Then my journey begun, KIES3 (Did not recognize my device), Smart Switch (Which is for newer devices also came with an Error) and finally Odin (Which worked). The driver was another story(Please use Smart Switch for downloading your driver, that works). PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR COUNTRY that’s the unique identifier for the Samsung S6 you use (for example my was XEG (Germany 1&1) G920FXXU3COI9 (SM-920F) firmware), download yes 1,6 Gb of a file (which was hard to believe, but it indeed 1,6 Gb) upload as mentioned above to your phone and you are back (ALL YOUR DATA IS GONE btw) “RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING”, and that was my starting point with first trying to resolve that, eventough if you resolve it your VR Gear will NOT WORK. Yes there is a frustration but again a happy VR Gear user again!

  66. Diego G says:

    I followed the instructions AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY. My model did not show me the OEM unlock option, but I performed all the other steps and it run smoothly. Thank you very much.

  67. ben says:

    Ive managed to have everything ready but the odin tab is too big and I cant press start

  68. Ahmad Janjua says:

    I’ve Galaxy S6 Edge 925F. I tried flashing unikernel at first but when I open SuperSU it says ” can’t install SU binary” and the only option available is “ok”. Then I tried luck with UniBase kernel. It showed SU binary installation option but when I continued with it. I ended up in a bootloop. So I flashed the ROM obv to get out of the bootloop.
    Later I flashed TWRP and booted to the system successfully. Then I restarted the device into recovery mode and made a backup of the ROM. But when I booted the device into system again. I ended up into a bootloop. I didn’t even flash any kernel or SU binary. Just made backup and bootloop occurred.
    I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Is it the ROM or anything else?

    Running Stock ROM G925FXXU3COI9 (XSG United Arab Emirates)

  69. Ahmad Janjua says:

    I’ve Galaxy S6 Edge 925F. I tried flashing unikernel at first but when I open SuperSU it says ” can’t install SU binary” and the only option available is “ok”. Then I tried luck with UniBase kernel. It showed SU binary installation option but when I continued with it. I ended up in a bootloop. So I flashed the ROM obv to get out of the bootloop.
    Later I flashed TWRP and booted to the system successfully. Then I restarted the device into recovery mode and made a backup of the ROM. But when I booted the device into system again. I ended up into a bootloop. I didn’t even flash any kernel or SU binary. Just made backup and bootloop occurred.
    I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Is it the ROM or anything else?

    Running Stock ROM G925FXXU3COI9 (XSG United Arab Emirates)

    Thank You

  70. I hope you’re not claiming credit. Nice tutorial though. 😉

  71. Onealy says:

    I have the newest version of sprint 5.1.1 and i noticed all gs6 doesn’t have the same model # . My ?…..does it matter. …

  72. BinkySlats says:

    T-Mobile SM-G925T 5.1.1 stock
    Very easy root. Worked perfectly 1st time. Fingerprint Scanner works great – no issues with call sound.

    Make sure to use Odin 3.10.6
    Turn Off USB Debugging (if on)

    Thanks Max!

  73. ROBERT says:

    me podreis aiudar porfavor tengo un samsung galaxy s6 edge modelo sm-g925f intente rotearlo i nada me dice is not recovery seanadroid en letras rojas en la parte izquierda..neceito ayuda nose como devolverlo ala vida ya que no puedo utilizarlo..

  74. canyn says:

    Is there a way to unlock the hotspot? I had it on the S5 but can’t find away for the S6.

  75. BinkySlats says:

    S6 Edge – I had no issues with it. Specifically what’s the problem? Can’t find the app or won’t connect?

    • canyn says:

      The only thing I found that works is a paid app in the play store. I wish it was like the S5 where you just used the native hotspot unlock and it was free.

  76. BinkySlats says:

    Interesting. The T-Mobile S6 stock comes with their hotspot app which works great even when rooted. If your carrier doesn’t supply the app, you can find it in one of the ROM’s for your model. What carrier are you using?

  77. Rahul says:

    Any root for:
    model SM-G9200
    version 5.1.1
    build G9200ZHU2COJ2

  78. cleve carbon says:

    thanks much we need brains like yours around..

  79. jack says:

    i got to the picture of where it says downloading do not turn off and it says odin mode and i cannot do anythin

  80. jack says:

    can anyone help me it says how do i turnoff the target

    • BinkySlats says:

      In Odin – do you have “auto reboot” turned on? If not, turn it on and try again. If Odin finishing loading the ROM and it hangs, just unplug everything and reboot the phone. All should be good. If not, just flash it again (with auto reboot turned on) and see what happens!

  81. mulua says:

    i have samsung s6 edge plus sm-G928w8 i couldnt find root link is there anybody help me 10q

  82. devon says:

    Pls how do I root S6 Edge with model SM-G925X. And which apps will I install. Thank you

  83. jp says:

    Does this work on 920t 5.1.1? Specifically the g920tuvs3dojc with the 12-1-15 security patch update?

  84. Pius says:

    Can i have the links for drivers?

  85. viper says:

    To all those with SM-G920F this method worked for me perfectly in less than 5 seconds without enabling oem unlocking (didn’t even have it in developer options) so go a head and use it for ur SM-G920F and don’t be scared.

  86. CMB says:

    I’m using my MAC to root. I get lost at the ODIN part…can you please explain in more detail how I’m suppose to navigate through the ODIN section from my MAC? Thank you!

  87. sccobs says:

    Soooo I just read through ALL the comments and I gotta ask, “who in their right mind would attempt this?”. I was all ready to try and root my new S6- 5.1.1., but for every 1 person who says it worked for them there’s like freakin 20 who are having some major setbacks! Does anyone know if this is how all ” roots” work? Or are there “roots” out there that don’t come with all this hassle? Are they still fine-tuning this particular root, because its newer or something?- I just don’t get it. I’m not trying to bash the people who have spent time coming up with this, but this seems dodgey at best. Does anyone know if there’s a site where I can pay a few bucks to maybe get a root with a bit more of a guarantee?

    • BinkySlats says:

      Hi Sccobs – I get what you are saying. It takes some time to read through everything, understand it, try it and hope! Here’s what I can tell you… I have an S6 Edge, it’s probably the 10th personal phone I’ve rooted and it was probably the easiest WITHOUT ANY issues after rooting. Just follow the instructions on this site. Max did a good job of laying it out and it’s a straight root (not a modded ROM which is where most people run into issues).

      I suggest you have a copy of the stock ROM handy just in case – but I’ve been running this root for months without any issues.

  88. Reece says:

    Hi I went on to my develper settings but couldn’t find the OEM and my build is SM-G920F so it should be there because my phone is compatible to root with this method if you could please help that would be great thanks

  89. reece says:

    hi just asking what i do when i unzip the file and it says BOOT then when i click on it i have to burn a card what is that about and how do i get around it

  90. reece says:

    please can some1 help there is no root thing and the download isnt the root for sm-g920f please my phone is stuck on the download page please help please

  91. Reece says:

    Hi I just download your SM-G920F root but when I got it is was a bootimg file I have tried to find away on how to put it init the odin3 but it just doesn’t show up if you could please help on this I would be greatful thanks

  92. Eddie says:

    No oem unlock option in the developer settings of the Canadian version on 5.1.1. I suspect that if it doesnt show, you can go ahead with these instructions without issue.

  93. Shreyash says:

    Is it working with SM-G925I
    18th dec patch?

  94. Mark says:

    i went to your page to download the V- kernel for the for the sprint phone but the model # not the same for my phone i have a SM-G928P and the other thing is when i download the Kernel it is not a zip file it has a icon that looks like a letter and it says V-Kernel-925p-BOFE-….tar and i click on it and it will not open a window pops up to find in the app store ???????

  95. LTzzz says:

    i thing i just rooted my phone without oem unlocking ..everything was allright the odin said PASS with green…but now when i restarted the phone..just write samsung galaxy s6 edge and restart again with the same results n times….please help me if u can..i will wait for response

  96. Sohaib says:

    I can’t root s6 5.1.1
    Pls add
    G920FXXU3QOLO kernels

  97. Rob says:

    Great work on this work around for rooting the galaxy s6 with 5.1. It worked great with my galaxy s6 from metro pcs. The only problem I had was that netflix wouldnt run afterward and neither would hulu. I was able to find a work around for netflix using the build prop editor which allowed me to change my ro.product.model value from SM-G920T to SM-G920K. Once I did that and cleared the data from the netflix app and logged back into it, it worked fine. But I am still having problems with the Hulu app and staz and encore play.

    I know I am getting enough bandwidth because I have also tried them through my home wifi and still couldnt get them to play. All I get is the initial ad for each movie on those apps to play and when the movie or tv show itself tries to play they freezes and stay froze.

  98. Jose Perez says:

    Too much comments to read through… is there a root method for S6E+ Verizon variant? Android version 5.1.1

  99. Jim Joiner says:

    odin says passwed and then phone reboots but theres no su and no root

  100. Awesome, i followed the same to root my Galaxy S6

  101. Dustin says:

    I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SM-G928T 5.1.1 I’m trying to root this thing but I’m not having any luck. I really doneed want to lose the fingerprint feature can someone help PLEASE

  102. Mark says:

    Thanks Max! Worked perfectly on my SM-G925I in Australia.
    Anyone confused about the OEM setting in Developer Options – IT DOESN’T EXIST IN THE SM-G925I MODEL AND YOU CAN IGNORE THAT STEP!!!

  103. Justin says:

    When trying to open Odin, it is asking for a password, what do I use?

  104. John Evans says:

    Don’t have ocm the on the SG6 SM-G925F do I skip USB debugger in developing mode and use odin 3v10.0.6 thanks

  105. Ben says:

    I followed all steps and got FAIL in Odin.. On the ODIN Mode screen on my S6 it said something like blocked by R/L

    Any help?

  106. Jessica says:

    I’m trying to root my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s running 5.1.1 Can I try to use this procedure or is there a place to go for the Note 5 specifically?

  107. erika says:

    First I flashed cf-auto-root but it seems to be a limited root, then I used this one, it worked for my g920T with 5.1.1!

  108. Omar says:

    Do i need to factory reset my phone before all this?

  109. Adam says:

    Hi, I just tried this now and I have a “Recovery is not seandoird enforcing” error. What should I do Please?

  110. pete says:

    I have a rooted S6 Edge SM-G9250 China version running Android 5.02 can I use this method to upgrade to 5.1.1 as CF Auto root I used originally does not yet have the file for G9250 China version 5.1.1 or is there another method I can try

  111. don says:

    can you lose samsung pay if you do this

  112. Daniel says:

    I used the custom kernel option for android 5.1.1. for my galaxy s6 edge g925f and worked very smooth. I also want TWRP on my phone. My question as follows: can i just flash the tar file in odin, or do i need to unlock the bootloader or is it already unlocked? The reason im asking this is because i flashed the kernel without oem unlocking and worked fine. However for root access the bootloader doesnt need to be unlocked as a prerequisite as i was informed.

  113. modexty says:

    Hi, Iove this but I use tcl p606l lollipopo 5.1.1 and I need to have the root access. Pls how do I go about it? Thanks for your assistance

  114. Vishesh Goel says:

    I followed the steps and ended up with a bootloop….SEANDROID NOT REINFORCING…Since it worked for others it seems like i did something wrong..but pls could someone help me get my phone back to life..pls.pls.pls….I used JOdin for Mac…Could that have caused the problem..??? But then I used a windows computer to follow the exact same steps but still the same…bootloop..I dont wish to reset my phone but will have to do it if the need arises..can someone help me pls..

  115. Vishesh Goel says:

    My version SM-G925I..

  116. ben says:

    please for my sm-G925F which is better unibase or simpl kernel

  117. MAHESH says:

    Kindly help urgent !
    used your tutorial, odin gave a pass,
    when rebooted it gives kernel is not seandroid error repeatedly.

  118. JOhn says:

    Is this method still working on galaxy s6 running 5.1.1? I have a sprint variant. Also can I follow this root using Jodin on Mac?

  119. Silva says:

    I have done step by step and it FAIL
    I have Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925F and your stupid Kernel had brock my phone.

    DON’T WORK FOR ME (SM-G925F) , IT RUINED MY MOBILE PHONE. Thanks for that……

  120. Brandon says:

    When I press the volume up bottom to add custom OM nothing happens? It just freezes, any solutions?

  121. ่นำ says:


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