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How to Root Galaxy S6/S6 Edge on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow! - Page 3


Step 9. Tap on “AP” then choose the SpaceX kernel file and hit “Start”.


If flashed successfully, you will see “PASS!” and your phone will reboot.




Step 10. Once rebooted, power off your phone and do the buttons to put it into ODIN Download mode.


Then connect back to your computer using a microUSB cable.


Step 11. Next, tap on “AP” again and choose the TWRP recovery file and hit “Start”.


Step 12. Your phone will reboot.  Once rebooted, tap on “Allow” for “Allow access to device data” so you can copy over files to your phone.


Step 13. Copy over the SuperSU zip file you downloaded earlier to your phone.


Step 14. Power off your phone then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see the logo.


Keep holding the buttons down but let go of the Power button.


After a few seconds, you should be in TWRP recovery, let go of all buttons.  Tap on “Install”.


Step 15. Choose the SuperSU zip file you copied over then swipe to flash.


Step 16. Reboot once that is done, your phone has been fully rooted!  If you phone gets stuck for some reason, hold down Volume Down and Power buttons for about 15 seconds until your phone reboots.

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119 Responses

  1. Stephan Monte says:

    For some reason when I try to root my phone, Galaxy s6 sm-g920f 6.0.1 Buildnr G920FXXU3DPBQ, I get stuck on Get pit for mapping. I had the same problem when using Android version 5.1.1 How can i resolve this issue? What am I doing wrong I follow the guide to the letter. I have rooted before on my s2 s4 and note 4 without any problems. But cant seem to figure out what to do. Please help me out.

  2. Fabian says:

    i have the sm 920c, there is no twrp file on the folder for that model, can i use any other of the twrp files from the other models? i use one already and the phone does not go to the twrp interface.


  3. Duncan Wesseler says:

    Problem!!!Everything worked fine but i installed the supersu zip and pressed on system reboot.Since then twrp did not reaact and i cant shutdown my phone or reboot it manually

  4. octavio says:

    hi is working in the galaxy s6 edge 925P?

  5. Javon says:

    i just noticed octavio questions on the g925p. is there anything out there yet for this model Sprint SM-G925P

  6. Alex says:

    No TWRP 3 for Note 5 Marshmellow, only space_kernel in Google drive folders. Any idea for download N920C version ?

  7. Abdullah Hijaze says:

    NOTE5 TWRP is not available

  8. Vineeth says:

    hi for some reason my phone is restarting to team win screen i tried reboot of the phone again back to same screen, can you guide me how to get back to my usual screen

  9. Gerald says:

    I tried to root my Galaxy S6 920F and it failed when trying to load the TWRP-3.0_MM_S6_by_ManhIT.tar.md5.

    not it is stuck in I can not power it off or get it back in ODIN.

  10. Vitor says:

    Works on sm-920I? Thanks.

  11. ankit says:

    its not unlocking when after pressing reboot system option

  12. Stefano says:

    After installing the kernel smartphone it remains firm in walked Samsung screen.
    plis help

  13. Ryan says:

    Anyone know when SM-G9208 root will be released for 6.0.1?

  14. Bomani says:

    As per the attachements on the google drive, i assume the stuff for SM-G925F works for SM-G925I as well right?

  15. Keneth says:

    Hi, works with sm-925v ? with Marshmallow?

  16. Adrian Price says:

    Mine also froze up after flashing SuperSU with TWRP i restarted by holding down power and menu for a few seconds and booted fine after

  17. Big Lou says:

    Will this work with sprint?

  18. pranav says:

    it says. custom binary blocked by R/L. What do i do?

  19. Jack says:

    can you please email me when you have info for the boostmobile/sprint S6 ( G920P)? Cnat take a risk again…

  20. NEXKEN says:

    works fine for me. Thank you very much!

  21. Rex says:

    Sprint version. SM-G920P. Can anyone pls provide the root files for Android 6.0.1? Thanks

  22. Ryan says:

    I have the SM-920V – I see that this is not yet supported. Where would a good place be to check the earliest that this gets released? Is there generally a time frame on supported devices?

  23. younes says:

    i do this and after all of this i try for wipe .
    after wipe my phone stuck in boot loader . what can i do ?
    i have Sm-925f

  24. Mo says:

    Can u plz add support for smg920w8 because we just got marshmallow on s6 in canada but i don’t want to update and lose root access
    Thanks guys

  25. Edu Miranda says:

    Great tutorial.. Thanks!

  26. YvZ says:

    Nice tutorial thx but OTA updates don’t work anymore, how do we fix this problem?

    • Samier says:

      I`m afraid there will be no fix .. OTA updates only function when you have the original Firmware on the phone,,as soon as you change something (custom kernel) it will be detected and the OTA function will be disabled..because of this damn KNOX feature 🙁

  27. WhateverWorx says:

    Still no root functionality for the Verizon phones (SM-G920V) even with Marshmallow now? This is making me want to switch back to AT&T :/

  28. YvZ says:

    After rooting, can i install CWM recovery on my phone?

  29. TomDohrmann says:

    Thx! worked for me!

  30. Tk says:

    I need a root version for the samsung s6 edge sm g925p build number ending in pd2. Any help anybody?

  31. Daniel C says:

    Hi dude thanks for the tutorial it was perfect however, this kernel seems to have stopped my fast charge (quick charge) from working do you have any fix for this in any way even it it may be to install a new kernel? also just so you know i have it switched on in the settings.

  32. John says:

    Hey lee, is SM-G920T supported yet, or can i even use this method?

  33. Päddy says:

    it works but i have a big problem…

    after root i have temporary no access to google acc.
    I cant connetct to google play or create or log in in my google acc.

    How can i fix it?

    Thanks 🙂

  34. Jessica K says:

    Hi, my phone is a t mobile model 925t with marshmallow. When will you get the files so I can root it?? I only see root for t mobile with 5.1.1 not marshmallow.

  35. Andrei says:

    reflashing the stock rom back,will the samsung pay come back?thx!

  36. Andrei says:

    My only problem waws the recovery…it suck.I got stuck on booting in the recovery and then I needed to reinstall the whole software(stock ROM).Now I lost my Knox and Reactivation lock.CAn I bring them back again?Should I root again?ANy CWM recovery’s available?Thx for the tutorial btw it was nice to have root for 1 hour :)))

  37. Jafet Argueta says:

    It works for Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920I, Cheers Max, thank u!

  38. Rooter says:

    Works Fine! With SM-G925F (S6 Edge) You dont need to downloade the superSU just download it from playstore and than follow the steps.

    Will WORK!! 100%%%%

  39. Mark says:

    Will they ever have a root for sm-g925v on 6.0.1?

  40. jas says:

    i am not able to do so and my phone just showoing that downloading option and is not working what should i do now/plz anybody reply soon

  41. Kevin says:

    i have sg928v but theres no kernel

  42. Caroline says:

    My phone is a t mobile model 920t with marshmallow. As per the attachments on the google drive, Kernel Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow – ManhIT › TWRP 3.0/SpaceX Kernel MM RC-2.1, I dont see a folder for my 920t, is this not gonna work for me?

  43. Tiago says:

    PROBLEM with Download SpaceX Kernel and Download TWRP

  44. Silva says:

    Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/Note 5 USB Drivers doesn’t install on Windows 10.

  45. mike says:

    I have samsung s6 edge. Is there root for SM-G925T. i tried to root using other youtubers but it did not work and luckily i was able to save my phone from getting bricked. So can you please help me in getting root.

  46. mike says:

    i have s6 edge and model number SM G925T. I tried to root using some other youtuber videos but it did not work. my phone even got soft bricked. Is there any way to root that model. please let me know. thanks

  47. J says:

    You know what would be great… if the download links you posted actually downloaded stuff.

  48. freddu says:

    i rooted my galaxy s6 and installed twrp and after i rebooted d roit is gone how is that posible

  49. mozzarella says:

    friggin thanks man, really easy tutorial right there

  50. Randy says:

    My phone booted up just fine but the touchscreen isn’t responding and there is no signal either anymore. I have a pin set to unlock my phone but I can’t even do that without the touchscreen working

  51. Jerry says:

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
    Marshmallow 6.0.1
    Kernel 3.10.61
    Knox 2.6
    Can this phone be rooted yet ?

  52. Ivan says:

    Freezes during startup, recovery screen freezes when I select reboot or recovery option…
    What should I do now?

  53. Nicholas says:

    The root updated perfectly but now everythings works fine except my phone i cant call and when someone calls me and they cant hear me and i cant hear them.

  54. Tyler says:

    What all can you do when you root your phone

  55. Javier says:

    I have a galaxy s6, with

    Android: 6.0.1
    Model: SM-G920F
    Baseband: G920FXXS3DPC2
    Kernel: 3.10.61-7025264
    Build number: MMB29K.G920FXXS3DPF5
    Knox: 2.6

    Can it be rooted. Im from spain, hope someone can help me please. Thanks.

  56. Erik says:

    Could someone please help me? I did everything correctly until I had to hold down the volume up, down, home and power button, because that leaded me to a green screen. I couldn’t press anything, so I tried to turn it off. Now whenever I try to turn on my phone, I see the logo, then it’s blinking that same green screen once, and everything is pitch black. I have no idea whether my phone is on or off at this point. I would really like to fix my fucking phone again. Or complete the rooting. Thanks.

  57. Mats says:

    I can’t reboot by holding vol up, home and power, so I get into the TWRP screen, I can only reboot by holding both vol up and down, home and power, but when I enter the Samsung screen and let go of power, it just continues to reboot without entering the TWRP screen where I can install supersu

  58. Fernando says:

    Model: SM-G925V
    Build: G925VVRU4CPF4

    Still no root?

  59. Johan says:

    Thank you for this guide. Very easy to follow and worked like a charm when finished. Enjoying a rooted phone once again!

  60. Mike says:

    I have a SM-G920A and it’s not listed

  61. prashant says:

    is SM-G925f supported for root ? plz tell me fast and how

  62. prashant says:

    is SM-G925i supported for root ? plz tell me fast and how

  63. dawedas says:

    er klopt geen kkr van

  64. Fabian says:

    Hello Max Lee and everyone

    I have read a few comment trying to find the file for the SM-G920P, and I have had no luck. Could anyone help us find a link, or more info. It would he a huge help and appreciation.


  65. Bas says:

    Most of the google files are missing 🙁
    Someone got download links for the SM-G925F?


  66. Reece McTavish says:

    I followed these instructions to the letter, and now my phone is stuck at the Samsung logo. Any advice now?

  67. Dylan says:

    can i root my galaxy edge s6 6.0.1 g925a att?

  68. The Sentinel says:

    Really thanks everything worked fine!!!!

  69. Alex says:

    Thank you for this great guide. Easy to use and good explained. first try and succes. Thanks.

  70. izmam khan says:

    same problem mobel sm-920F android 5.0.2 update no ho rh h

  71. jack says:

    i need help i have a SM-G928V, and its not showing up. what file do i choose

  72. Devin says:

    Still wondering if they’ve come out with a G925A At&t one yet… Are there any out there for this model?

  73. Robert says:

    I have SM-G920V. Depressing, I know. I have been sitting waiting wishing now for months hoping someone would find a way to root this device after the update (which my phone had when I purchased it). Any indication as to this happening at some point? I see it is possible for the S7 Verizon variant, so rather frustrating. Should I just stop holding out hope on this and move on with my life, lol?

  74. Steve Holsten says:

    Where’s the 925T root info?

  75. James Sr says:

    Okay, I don’t see a file for SM-G920T. My question is can I use the one made for the international model SM-G920F. I ask because I know own some roms and firmware is interchangeable.

  76. Dan says:

    I have completed all the instructions in this tutorial loaded the supersu zip file but when the device reboots there is no supersu app in the apps window

  77. yacine says:

    Hi I have s6 edge sm-G925R4. Which kernel must I use??? Thanks

  78. Roy says:

    Thanks very much. i have successfully rooted and unlocked my g920f with this method. Good works bro

  79. Diego Avila says:

    Hello, how can i root s6 g20t model(tmobile)

  80. spicy818 says:

    I have a 920p from boost mobile on 6.1.0 could one of this rooting variant files work on my gs6

  81. Javier says:

    There’s any form to restart void warranty knox, i just root my one and this change from 0x0 to 0x3… hope can help me

  82. Answerpls says:

    I can’t install anything on twrp

  83. Allen says:

    Wheres g920t1

  84. Ahmed Nasir says:

    S6 edge SM-G925i Unrooted File 7.0.1 Version Whre

  85. Zakriya Amjad says:

    An “access denied” message is showing up. I’ve been waiting to be granted access for about a week now and there’s still no response. Anywhere else i can get my hands on the spaceX kernel for Sm-G920F?

  86. Ron says:

    I did this step by step, and now my phone wont start anymore. now what????

  87. MeMyselfAndI says:

    Do you have for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925A

  88. Azaryah says:

    My Samsung Galaxy s6 is not on the list in the google drive folder for the SpaceX Kernel. The closest thing is SM-G920S, but mine is a SM-G920V. Will this kernel still work on my device?

  89. wishtasp says:

    you dont have spaceX Kernel for
    G920 V ?
    please contact me by email
    many thanks

  90. Aj says:

    is there one for samsung-s6-active-sm-g890?

  91. jay says:

    well my phone Dont start anymore thanks ;3 rip

  92. Mark says:

    Hi, I have SM-G920F, I am looking for spacex-kernel_mm_rc2.1_G920F.tar.md5 and twrp-3.0_mm_s6_bymanhit.tar.md5 I dont know where to find can anybody help please..

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